Fun Family Outdoor Activity to Do at Home

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EKSYAM.COM – Lots of Fun Family Outdoor Activity to Do at Home, especially during the current corona 19 virus pandemic. So much fun to spend your family time outdoors in the breezy weather. As parents, nothing is more enjoyable than seeing your children laugh and play with you. These moments from outdoor activities will be the ones that you will always cherish no matter how old you get.

Fun Family Outdoor Activitity to Do at Home

Don’t let fall pass without having some quality time with your family. Here are some of the best family outdoor activities that you can do at home.

Hide and Seek

Every child loves hide and seek, but if you take the game to outdoor activities, it adds a whole new level of fun. Go to the park and play hide and seek there. There are so many places to hide which will widen your kids’ imagination. Just make sure you have an adult companion to look over the kids in case you’re the one who’s seeking.


You don’t need to have an actual playhouse to play house. If you have a tree house, garden shed, or even a makeshift tent, you can enjoy this game outdoors.. What’s great about doing this outdoors is you can pretend to grill, ride a car or bike, and use plants as your cooking ingredients. A cooking playset and other toys that replicate household items would be your best equipment to make playing house fun

Plan a Picnic

If your family misses picnics in the park, you can bring this summertime activity into your backyard instead! Start by preparing a traditional picnic lunch like sandwiches, fruit, and potato chips. Load everything into a basket and bring it to your picnic destination, whether it’s a blanket on the lawn or a patio table. Your family will get fresh air and a dose of vitamin D!

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Build a Garden Labyrinth

Little kids especially will love following the twists and turns of your creation. Outline a path in your backyard using stones, twigs, or unmowed grass. Simple patterns can be found on the Internet or in books.


Who does not like outdoor activities on this one, camping.Who said you need to go out in the wild to camp? Even in your backyard, you can enjoy camping by setting up a tent and sleeping bags. You can do a bonfire if your backyard permits it, but be careful when lighting up a fire. You can sing songs and count the stars with your kids all night. You can also pretend play, as though you’re rangers in a forest or wildlife explorers. Bring your kids’ stuffed animals so you can add a touch of wildlife in your camping activities.